Sunday, 11 August 2013

My New Book Arrived

Very excited this week as my new book finally arrived.  I cant take credit for this discovery though, it was my friend Dawn who found the book and let us know how good it was in her blog here - Dawn's Blog.  I was so impressed by the progress she had made in such a short time I had to give it a go myself.  So, I did begin the first exercise immediatly.  I do however have a very short attention span it seems, and in reading that you 'should' do this with a dedicated sketch book I found I was using just some A4 scrap card I had.. so of course a folder was needed.
Again, I cannot take credit for this idea either, this one was Christy's - she created the most amazing journal cover with scrap card and other media here Gulfsprite video.  Mine is just my own work, but the video came to mind whilst I tried to decide what to use..

I decided on the packaging my new book had arrived in, seemed a good use for it to me.  So, I just cut it in half and covered it in paper..
Then set to work (a very enjoyable afternoon I may add) with some paint, inks, glues etc....
Yes, it looks a bit messy but it made me happy creating it, I then varnished it all too - punched some holes in the side, and added rings.  Now it is all ready for my homework.
I have done the first 2 exercises and now ready for the third, a bit longer so I needed more time to do it properly, thats my next task today.  The book is very well written and the exercises are made fun so its not a chore to learn, hopefully I will be catching Dawn up soon.  I also have a 'how do draw faces' book on the way to see it that will help improve things for me.  (and some new oil pastels, but dont tell anyone about those).

I am also very happy to report the weather is much cooler now - so I can enjoy more art work, only thing is now I am a bit tired from the early mornings so that does make things a bit of a struggle, sure I will get used to that though (hopefully).


  1. Hurrah, so glad it arrived! I'm sure you'll soon catch up with me. I hope you find it as fun and useful as I have - just wait till you get to the koalas :)
    Love the folder, what a great idea to recycle the packaging like that!

    Dawn x

  2. Koala's?? omg, cant wait for that. Not cheating, I am going through the book from the start and despite the temptation not peeking. I had some great lessons today from my very talented friend, who shared some secrets of drawing with me, so raring to go.