Sunday, 4 August 2013

A bit cooler at LAST

I havent blogged since Wednesday, but I haven't been in my Art Room either, its just been too hot.  OH did try to help with a fan but still not enough air, wasnt just the heat but the lack of air to breath too.  Anyway, we are having a cooler day today thankfully, though I have been out for most of it, managed a few hours.  Above is the finished portrait from the sketch I showed you here other blog post as it looks nothing like her at all, I can now reveal it is 'meant' to be Amanda Redman.  Thankfully you guessed the other one, was indeed meant to be Cher, though also not much of a likeness now I have painted her..
Still, she does make quite a pretty face to add to my showcase.  I had a try at some men too, oh dear.. now they really do look NOTHING like who they were meant to be, but male faces did make a change, here is one I added colour to today.
Poor bloke, not quite sure what happened to his nose there and teeth are really difficult to master.  Was nice to finally get in there though, also been playing in my art journal which has been nice.  Its Sunday afternoon and it is now raining, hurray!!! forecast is the same for tomorrow so hope to get some more progress made then.
Hope the weather is being kind to you all too.


  1. Saw this a while ago but couldn't comment as we've been away and the internet connection was hit and miss!
    I think Cher does look like Cher and your man reminds me of someone, just can't work out who :)

  2. LOL, thanks Dawn - was all good fun thats the main thing. No, I have no idea who the man reminds me of, certainly not who he was 'meant' to be thats for sure.