Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Busy Learning

Wow, sure is hard work this learning thing.  Above is one of the beginning lessons from my new book I told you about in my last post, by Mark Kistler.  His methods do make learning fun and I am enjoying it, so much so I am struggling to just make it one lesson per day.  There is a lot to learn, but I think in doing the exercises I am also learning more control with the pencil.  I have never enjoyed pencil drawing so much, enjoyed it so much I have ordered some 'proper' pencils to work with, now being very impatient whilst I await there arrival.
I really enjoyed this one, was well happy in my little world here.  Hubby is not quite getting it, he thinks I am going even more insane than usual.
Never one to take on one task at a time, I also ordered this book, that arrived at weekend..
..and set to work on the first two exercises..
Not masterpieces I know, but the features are an improvement on my usual and the placement is right, I intend to work through it then start again.  The book shows the basic face drawing but not to arrive at the shading, I am on my own there - need more lessons in that one.
I had a break from my books and tried another face on my own..
It looked ok there, alas I then started to paint it - should have left well alone really.  Going to try the oil pastels when its dry.
I also had an idea about starting my fabric design again, but not bags - I did get disollusioned with the bags, took a very long time to construct with little return.  So, there may well be sightings of the sewing machine out of its cover soon.
Can you tell my days are longer? this getting up at 5.20am is very tiring, but with hubby not getting home till 8pm too - it gives me a lot more free time, and I do have to keep busy or I will nod off.  Also the art supply bill is getting a bit high, so really need to start earning and obviously its not going to be from art for a while, so better get designing and sewing.

Hope you have managed to stay dry, was Monsoon season here this morning, first dog walk was ok but the second one was a bit on the wet side, was fun though as it was training for the rescue Labrador and the beach was deserted as the rain was that hard.


  1. Looking good Lynda, I love the second drawing! You'll be catching me up in no time with the lessons.

    Look forward to seeing what you have in mind with the sewing :)

    Dawn x

  2. Hi Lynda! Your drawings are great! I am too impatient to follow a book and instructions past the first couple pages then I go off into my own land...which explains a lot about my "art", lol!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to get sewn up! Hugs, Rasz

  3. I just love the book Dawn, so pleased you reviewed it so well. Thanks Rasz, I dont always follow through on books either, usually find them too tough to follow but this is great, its more fun than technical teaching so keeps the attention better, and you are encouraged to do some of your own thing too.

    Just have to remember how to thread machine now, its been a while.

  4. Well it really looks like you are off and running -- I do think your face is really quite good!!!! Now did you do those first two drawings or are they from the book? So tickled I found you - this is going to be fun!!

  5. The first two drawings are exercises taught to us (shown to us) in the book.

    thanks for joining Sandy:)