Saturday, 17 August 2013

Drawing Fun

Still busy drawing and hopefully, still busy learning.  First thing was to add colour to the sketch I did during the week here as usual she looked much better before I added the colour with oil pastel, pencil and paint but....... I think she did look better than some I have turned out, so heading in the right direction.
Still working through my 'learn to draw in 30 days book' by Mark Kistler, which I try to do a lesson per day - not done today's yet, but this is the last one I did........ my koala's do need some work yet..
..and for my faces I started just doing any face then turned it into one of my Mum, I wasnt sure about it but when OH came home he did recognise her as my Mum, not shown Mum as yet to see what she thinks..
Also, I was telling Dawn......... I purchased another book!  I had read of this other book by Mark Kistler so had to take a look, this one is an awful lot of fun and it was my intention to leave it till I had finished the lessons in the other books.........
I even said I would get hubby to hide it when he got home, but I just 'had' to take a peek inside, couldnt stop myself, and due to my neck problems I can't read either unless the book is propped up on the easel, before I knew it I had read all the intro and started on the first lesson.......... I did repeat it, but this is my first attempt and only half way through
.. must say this book is even more fun, the teaching methods are such a joy, and a further bonus is there is an actual workbook to go with this one, guess what I ordered last night?  I have an awful lot of art books, most of which I cannot make head or tail of, and they bore me to death anyway - but these books are a dream, I was still drawing at 8pm last night as I was having such fun, and cant wait to get back to it soon before I 'send out' for dinner.

On my last post, or the one the Wednesday before - many of the 'deskers' said they could not draw for toffee? there really is no excuse, if you want to learn to draw I do highly recommend these books, I am still endebted to Dawn for showing me, only too happy to pass on this knowledge and the fun way to learn, wish they had taught like this when I was at school.

Still not started the sewing project, awaiting a book for that too - not impressed by delay, could have received in faster internationally so wont be recommending them as a seller on 'that' auction site, hate it when things take so long to arrive, not convince its even been despatched as yet, so might be waiting another week to get started on that one.


  1. My pleasure Lynda - and I can't believe you've tempted me with another Mark Kistler book lol. I had to investigate after you told me about it. It looks so much fun and is definitely on my wish list now!! I wouldn't have been able to resist starting it either....
    Love the drawing which turned out to be your mum!

  2. Those books do look good, and your drawings are great, we love the koalas. We really must try more projects other than our faces.

  3. Hi Lynda! Great job on the drawing, you are doing some beautiful, cool drawings. I love that you are getting all these books. Sounds like fun and you read pretty much like me :) Where is your other blog? I think you sent me the link and I probably lost it. Would you mind emailing me the link again? Thanks so much and keep on drawing. I know when I got into drawing I just could not stop...and now I am drawing on fabric purses. Who knows where your drawings will take you and we all get to watch it here! Hugs, Rasz

  4. Have you bought it yet Dawn? LOL - its good.

    I do think the bears would love the books, I was only drawing faces too, so good to try other things and it does seem to help with the faces.

    Thanks Rasz, will message you in a mo. Your fabric purses are fabulous. No idea were the drawing is leading yet, hopefully somewhere good.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.