Thursday, 14 November 2013

Just a couple

I like to think the faces I paint are developing, but I still struggle with the 'eye' thing.  Despite the fact I have new spex now, I often wonder whether it is due to my eye problems that this keeps happening - as you see on the above face, the eyes are just totally different - which is such a shame as I was happy with the nose for once and the mouth was okay for me.
How adventurous is this then? I added hands! they are not so bad for a first attempt, but again see the eyes are 'off', maybe I will need to seek out my ruler for the size? but then still struggle with the shapes being equal................

Just 3 more sleeps till the next 'facecinating girls' course for winter faces, see below blog post for details - so its unlikely I will blog again till my first painting from the course - I am excited about it, as I love Andrea's courses, I think its the contageous smile that does it.

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