Thursday, 24 January 2013

..and for my next project

I had this bright idea last weekend and had every intention of having made a good start by now, but alas no change as yet (I blame the virus).  Anyway.. whilst searching for some sort of storage for my ever growing art supplies that was within financial reach (as in being given away) I noticed that everything I liked the most - in bright colours, was so expensive.

On further inspection I often found these items to be ordinary furniture 'restored' or 'reclaimed' - I did this many, many years ago with my late uncle (over 20 years to be precise) the usual phrase sprang to mind "How hard can it be?" so I purchased my first chest of drawers, and an ultra cheap letter rack ready to sand down and make into something bright and cheerful!  I havent decided yet whether to then sell it on, or use it myself.  I will update this as I go (gives me something to waffle on about) and take pictures.

I did some art journaling and painting last night, worked a bit on the canvas I showed you earlier - it now has some spray ink, more collage and paint on it.  Today I have been trying to learn how to make a peg bag, this is proving almost as confusing as the wooden handle saga, I will share those efforts tomorrow.  Also managed another carrier bag holder, but this one is lined so a bit happier with this one.

Lastly, anyone who is suffering from any winter virus's I strongly recommend 'MANUKA HONEY' its good stuff.  The one I am currently taking is 15+ and from Aldi (so doesnt cost the earth either).

More snow forcast for tomorrow, so much more walking for me, I dont mind walking just takes away my creative time. still it does me good, and must always remain thankful for the ability there are so many unable to do so much walking and would love the ability.

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