Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quick Sketch Practice

Oh dear, not so prepared today - and so far done NOTHING creative at all.  Really must go put some more paint on my unit at least in a mo.  Above is some sketch practice I was doing the other night, I then turned it into a journal page.  Often I can sketch faces ok (well, to my own satisfaction) if I paint them they are just awful though, this one is coloured with promarkers and pencils, and some ink pen.

Not such a creative day, as I am short on time - things to do this morning, that lead to other stuff and its dog club tonight with the naughty one.  Also having some major car problems, in truth I need another car.. with the best will in the world this one is not going to pass an MOT but short of a donation from a rich relative (LOL, no chance) or a lottery win its not looking good.  I really want a nice little car with low milage, low tax, low ins, automatic and cheap!!! not the easiest of things to find.  If I could drive a manual things would be a bit easier, but due to knee damage thats not possible.

Better go feed the hungry hounds, and do a bit of painting.. if I dont shape myself soon I will have nothing but some undercoated chest of drawers to show you next!


  1. Hope you managed to get something creative done and I am sure you did! I don't like cars one bit and wish we could all do without the things, they just gobble up money and are really very poorly made these days :( I think I want our next car to be a small Camper Van (at least then it will feel like we are getting some compensation by having free holidays :)


  2. No, not the best of days really. Did some painting today, but not taken any pictures as yet. I dont like cars either, total drain on the finances but sadly necessary for me to ferry around dogs and sick folk.