Sunday, 3 February 2013

Art Journal Page

I often wonder why there are not enough hours in the day, to do what I am 'meant' to be doing.  (Such as Sewing, painting furniture, editing photo's for etsy shop).  The reason for this is generally because I would far rather be playing in my journal, or practicing sketching faces, or watching you tube video's to teach me more.
So, as usual I have done very little the last couple of days except 'almost' finished my undercoating, bought the paint for the drawers, the handles for new bags.. yesterday was taken up collecting new car to replace hubbies 'more broken than mine' heap.
But I did enjoy completing this page, you might notice on the right my attempt at Caricature drawing, this was done from a tutorial by Nick at who is a great artist and recently featured on Shoo Rayner's drawing school channel here  That was a lot of fun to do, and Nick (like Shoo) is a great tutor.  I have also finished the collage canvas I started some time ago, that has had one coat of varnish and just needs another before I can replace it with a new canvas and see what I can create next - I do find I am at my happiest painting, and creating - just need to realise I really MUST do the other stuff too!

Like now.. now I am blogging and I really SHOULD be doing the dinner..


  1. I agree that there certainly isn't enough time; I have had things on the 'to do' list for a couple of years now and just haven't had the time to start them. Your faces really are good and I love the caricature! Just out of interest, have you tried drawing faces showing teeth?


  2. Oh dear, yes I have tried faces with teeth - they are quite scary! Must try again, not done any for a while.