Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Happiness is Colour

At last some painting progress on the Chest of Drawers, loving these first two colours - although I am just so sloppy at this I am currently matching the drawers quite nicely now with a mixture of lime green and blue paint all over me.  Yes, I know the handles are nasty, I will be replacing them.. gives me a way of moving the drawers about so they stay for now.

This is proving quite difficult however..

Not so sure this was one of my better ideas, as it is very difficult to do, but I will keep going and see if I can fix it all at the end.  (Its a spinning letter rack with drawer, blogged about it earlier).

The other half has given me a quote he wants putting on a plaque, so thought whilst I was wood painting I would prime some plaques ready to decorate etc.. I just couldn't stick to white though, prefered them brighter...

I have also been working on a journal page with flowers (not photographed that though).  Not bad for a Wednesday when I am quite short on time - for once I used what I had more wisely, thats it though as soon time to prepare evening meal and its dog club with the big menace tonight.  Tomorrow will be a day without much in the line of painting either, have a few jobs to do and a hospital appointment with Mum.  Really should get some sewing done too, the mood just hasn't struck me again yet.


  1. Rather you than me, that letter rack looks tricky! Have you thought about decoupaging it, that could be fun!


  2. That might be an idea thanks Mick, needless to say back to being the queen of procrastination and done NOTHING since.. must start this week better!

  3. Looks like good messy fun but very tricky!!