Monday, 4 February 2013

The humble Peg Bag

I think I finally 'got it'!!  See here when I began this quest of trying to make the humble peg bag  I feel sure it really is not that difficult to most, I think I missed off attempt number 3 (or was it 4?).   So today the bull was taken by the horns and I got on with it and made 2.  The fun frog one above, which is lined with bright stripes.

...and the vintage corduroy one, with a beige fabric lining and red vintage button.  That's better, they do actually work with the pegs now, I do need some smaller coat hangers though for this design, going to order some of those as I am really not so keen on the larger bulkier design, I prefer this one.

Hope to try get some decent photo's at weekend - I need a washing line and a nice garden, so have to visit my Aunt for that one - and they just 'might' make it to the Etsy shop they might not, as will take them to the farm shop first to see what they think - tomorrow I will do some carrier bag holders to match each one, and probably make another one, then I will really have to knuckle down to the new bag design I keep promising to start on.

As I have done so well today it must be time to get the paints out now? surely?  

The car hunting is going badly, I did find my ideal car that I loved to bits.. but its in Ilford which is about 200 miles away from me, such a shame as it was Purple too.. never had a car in a colour I choose before, always have to make do' really.  Never mind, sure I will find something in time...


  1. They look really good and I am sure the farm shop will take them off your hands. Are they waterproof? I am always leaving our pegs outside much to the annoyance of Angela!!

    Such a shame, the purple car sounds fantastic, what make was it?


  2. Sorry no, only cotton fabrics - but they do wash and dry:)

    Yes, still crying over the loss of the purple car - it was a Suzuki Wagon, ideal for me.