Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Poorly Dog distracts from crafting!

Total absence of anything constructive for last few days. Alfie was poorly - Alfie is the handsome boy you see above. This picture was taken in December, he can no longer get on there...  A few weeks back when arriving on my usual early morning walk I opened the boot of the car as I have done every day for many a year, and the dogs all tumbled out in a heap (I have no idea why they did this), Alfie landed very badly on his left hip.
We adopted Alfie a nearly 3 and a bit years back at 18 month old, we were 'told' due to a relationship break up, we later found Alfie had rather a lot of health issues, the worst one being hip dysplacia, quite bad for a young dog.  He will be 5 years old in March.
The last few weeks he started to struggle, and I spent a week resting him to no avail, so off the the vets we went and were given some pain killers and to continue the shorter walks I was doing, few car trips just lead walks (after I had walked the others).  Then he got worse and worse, till at weekend he was crying and screaming in pain, very distressing to watch a Labrador like this, so we booked him into the vets for xrays.  The night before we had no sleep as he spent the whole night crying in pain.

Xrays revealed worse hip damage, very severe arthritis, chip to the bone and a shadow on the bone, that might be more damage or might be something worse (need to have more xrays in a few weeks).  So, we have some more stronger pain killers for ten days and see how he goes.

As I only lost my other Labrador back in December, this whole experience effected me quite badly, alongside the total lack of sleep - I could focus on nothing else but Alfie, and I didn't even do that very well.  Only another who has experienced such stress and sleep depravation can understand the effect this can have, and some people have been darn right unpleasant about it.  But, there has been some very kind and lovely supportive friends to whom I am very grateful for their kindness.

Hopefully, normal creativity will return in a few days as I have missed it.  Thank you to the people who have been kind enough to care it has meant a lot to me.


  1. Aww, hope Alfie is making progress, and the pain killers worked. Hope you've caught up on your sleep xx

  2. Thanks Julie, sadly Alfie is not getting much better - sleep? whats that again?

  3. We had a black lab, so like your Alfie. He was a wonderful fellow we adopted at the age of 8 months, and he also had hip displaysia. He was on meds (cortaflex) for it as soon as the displasia was found, so I do understand the lack of sleep, poor Alfie's pain, and how worried you are about him. Our Cody had a happy life and 12 years with us.
    I sure hope Alfie is better soon. Hugs