Sunday, 3 March 2013

Never Enough Hours ....

Never Enough Hours in the day!! that is my motto.  I think with Alfie's illness I forgot to mention I managed to obtain my first CUSTOM CARD ORDER !!! How exciting is that? .. and for 20 cards, certainly kept me busy this week.  I couldn't understand were all my time was going, then I worked out with Alfie being on lead walks only, my total dog walking hours per day has now doubled to 4 hours a day, he is not so fast either and we do a lot of stopping.  Once you add the usual household stuff to that, and that 'sleep' thing one is meant to do - very little free time in a day left.

My intention was to do so many cards for the order and one for the Etsy shop, best laid plans and all that.. I had all on managing one or two cards per day.  Having said that, I have also started a new art course with Gulfsprint, called '30 pages in 90 days' the idea is I can actually keep up with this one, but I seem to be getting behind already, the thing is I am enjoying the course so much that is all I really want to be doing - you can find details on Christy's ning site here though registration is now closed for this particular course until the end of May.

Whoops, managed to digress again... anyway, I have finally finished said card order, just need to stick the 'made by SimJaTa' stickers on the back of them all (today's task was sorting those out, from design to print), slot in the card inserts and post off to customer - as you can see by two of the cards shown, she is a fellow dog lover, but requested a selection of cards so they are not actually ALL doggie ones, there is a selection of varying topics and some suitable for males too, so hopefully she will be happy.

If anyone finds out were that time thief is hiding out, please let me know - I could really do with at least another 8 or so extra hours per day to catch up...


  1. That is fantastic news about the card order and I am sure she will love them! I hope Alfie is doing better!


  2. Well done on the card order Lynda, thats a lot of cards!!

    Love to Alfie xx

  3. Thank you both. Now you see were does the time go? I havent even parceled up the cards yet.
    Alfie is not so good I'm afraid, I am struggling with that just now:(

  4. Congrats on your custom order.

    Sorry that Alfie is so poorly.

    Jen x