Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Farewell to Alfie

Yesterday we lost our beloved boy Alfie.  The xrays were due for next week but we brought them forward as the pain killers appeared to have stopped helping, there was no doubt our wonderful handsome, gorgeous boy did indeed have bone cancer and it had spread - no more could be done.  We took the awful decision to end his suffering.  Alfie was due to celebrate his 5th birthday on Saturday.

The above picture is one of the official photo's we had done when we got him 3 years ago, hopefully it shows how much he was thought of then.

Alfie was just so noisy and such an enormous presence in the house it is so painfully quiet here now without him, we are going to miss him so much.  So far our remaining dog Jaja seems to be doing ok, hoping it stays that way.

My next post is going to be my experience of Alfie's illness - as during my weeks of research I found very little to read of other's experiences and what to expect, when etc? so I will be doing a post on canine bone cancer with the hope it might help others to know what they are dealing with.  After I have done that normal service will resume with the arts and crafts - might be a while after, but I am still arting away here.. not much crafting, but the paints are out.

Goodbye to our darling boy, we we loved so much.


  1. I'm so sorry, Lynda, to read of Alfie's passing. Our furry family members leave such a huge hole behind them when they've passed. Your last gift to him was difficult, but allowed him to leave with grace and surrounded by love.
    Your Alfie looks so much like our Cody. I picture him bounding through Heaven's gardens, chasing balls, and fetching branches, while he waits for us to join him there.
    Blessings and hugs

  2. Huge hugs to you my friend :(
    It's a gorgeous photo xx

  3. Lynda, this brought a tear to my eye and just want to say again how sorry I am for the loss of your gorgeous boy.