Saturday, 9 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there.  Happy Mothers Day to my Mum (who never reads my blog anyway, so she wont see her gift tag above).  Also much love and thoughts to the many who's Precious Mum's are no longer with them in body, but sure they are always there in spirit.

Had I decided to start card making a bit earlier, I might have been able to do some for sale in my Etsy shop, no time for that though.  This one is for my Mum, I do enjoy making cards to send myself, I have actually managed a couple more for the shop - not photographed them, but I have made some.. its a start.  Still struggling to do so much as Alfie is still poorly and not looking much like an improvement is going to happen, but we do try to be hopeful.

Made this card for my Mother in Law, posted it off to her in the week so hopefully she has it by now, will speak to her on the phone tomorrow.  I am very lucky, my Mother in law is fab - she has every sympathy with me for having to put up with her son! and always takes my side, what more can you ask?
Have a good day tomorrow, whatever you may be doing - and in the UK keep warm, weather forecast looking on the chilly side again.


  1. very pretty, like the one for your mother in law the best

  2. Lovely cards Lynda, I'm sure both mum and mum-in-law will be thrilled with them!

  3. Hope you had a good day but it was so chilly wasn't it!! You are so lucky to have a nice Mother in Law :)


  4. Thank you all. Yes, I liked the Mum in Law one best too. Yes I am very lucky, but I have been unfortunate enough to have had one before and she was like the evil queen in snow white.