Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine and other waffle

Happy Valentines to all.  Its also my 9th wedding anniversary today so a very special day.  My BIG news is of course my lovely little new (to me) car that arrived on Monday evening.  Isnt she lovely? just short of some designer prints on the sides and a few little problems to sort out... Well, in truth she is in need of major surgery now - just as I was starting to fall in love, disaster struck today and she wont start!!! So, poor Steve is having to come home from work and see what he can do... though if he is late I might persuade him to wait till weekend its only another day and will be easier for him to sort out in the daylight, and warmer daytime.  I do think its only something small, as there is 12 months MOT on her, wondering if its an imobliser problem??

I am still enjoying my course work with Carolyn Dube (link in last post) the course is great fun and I joined the flickr group too which is full of lovely people all commenting on each others work, such an encouraging and nice group to be a part of.  Here is my second page after watching another class video on the play on words, I had great fun with the lettering.

Finally, we are very lucky in my home town - our local newspaper is showcasing an artist each week, I had no idea there was so many local artists, wonder were they all hide out?  This week it was the turn of Lesley Nugent who's wonderful works really inspired me, you can find out more about here and see her work on her blog here I have never tried to draw houses before so thought I would have a go, until looking at this picture I thought I had done quite well... now I do think it needs an awful lot more work, and I am starting to regret inviting Lesley here to take a look... still, like most things I enjoyed the process and we do all have to start somewhere ( I keep telling myself).

I did make 'some' progress on my new design of bag yesterday, although the biggest discovery was that I need a new sewing machine.. which wasnt the best news I could have.  My poor little machine is no longer capable of getting through all I need it too.  Though I am not looking for a new shiny machine but more of an old sturdy one, like they used to be made.  I near took my eye out yesterday with broken needles, and had sore fingers from all the pushing of fabrics.. not a good thing.  I think I will stick to furniture painting next, less harmful.. its slow going as I really need more ventilation to do the painting and its too cold still to do it outside (this was pointed out to me by a wise man whom I ignored, as I usually do).

That's all for now, off to put my lamb joint in the oven (yes, its certainly lamb I do know the source well), and its roasted organic potato and veg to accompany. 


  1. Happy anniversary! Your lettering looks fab, wish I could do stuff like that.

    I recently came across Nuggleton by the sea on facebook and agree, she is very talented!

    Good luck with getting your car fixed :)

  2. Thank you Lesley.

    Car is great today, seems its not fond of torrential rain - WD40 did the trick:)

  3. Lovely lettering! Carolyn's class is so much fun! Glad your car is well. I'm so glad you received the stencils and look forward to seeing what you do with them!

  4. Thanks for dropping by Jessica, loved the stencils - I have used them already (of course).

  5. Sorry this is late but happy Anniversary! Glad you managed to get the car fixed!


  6. Loving your painting of the houses, fab. Car looking good, I'll look out for it when I'm out and about xx