Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The mind of a Craft Person

The mind of a crafter... I have decided is like a butterfly, it tends to flit happily from one thing to another at speed - or is that just me? When I got up today the only thing on my mind was getting a vet appointment for one of my dogs, got that done.  Next I thought about what I would paint, I have lots of idea's of what I want to try just never enough time to do it all, that and I foolishly varnished my last painting so its taking an age to dry off and taking up easel space.  

So, I decided to do the next part in my Carolyn Dube course, which was doing something with the large painting we did, we had permission to simply cut it up and make something else with it, this concept was a bit alien to me.. I wasn't quite sure what to do, so out came the stash of embellishments and next thing I know I am ordering card blanks on-line ready to create a range of cards for my Etsy shop?? were on earth did that come from?  Above is the first one I did.

Next came this one.  Not quite thought through (as per) it was very tough to stitch through the fabrics and thick card, I had to make all the holes first hence the reason its not so straight, I think it gives it a folk art look, well.. that's my 'get out'.
Lastly I did this one, mostly fabric except some backing from a printed tag I made on the greeting.  I have some idea's of how to then mount these onto card, maybe with further layers and embellishment, make up some card inserts and away we go!

Before I go HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestest pal Julie - she does read my blog (when she remembers) she has had a great day so far with new art supplies and some cash to go off and buy some more after her family lunch.  Julie is a great artist, she has had a bit of a break but is back at it now so I will have some of her work to show off in the future.


  1. Love the new cards Lynda and your post made me smile (as always!)

  2. Thats because you have spaghetti mind too Dawn:)

  3. You've handled alien very well here! Love the cards you made!

  4. Thanks Carolyn, love your course.

  5. My mind is probably more like a moth...often having a light-bulb moment but end up banging my head.

    Love the cards!


  6. Oh yes, many a 'moth' moment too:)