Monday, 11 February 2013

Goodbye to the old car and update

Aside from taking Steve to the train station an hour ago, this is the last time I had to drive the thing.. to the dog walk this morning.. you may note the suspension now sat on the back wheels! My new (to me) vehicle will shortly be on its way, the above old very poorly heap is no longer on the road and in 2 mins time the new (to me) one will be insured and will soon be with me, hurray!!! I will try remember to take photo's for tomorrow.  Above car will be on Ebay next weekend, that should be entertaining.

Today I was of course filled with enthusiasm and ready to finally catch up on some long awaited sewing.  Now after all this time I really do know better than to try this on no sleep.. but no, due to being so far behind I set to it, and disaster struck not just once but twice, so a good few hours of wasted time which caused a heap of frustration, and me back to the painting.. also the damn cold weather has swelled up the finger joints making them a bit tender so that didnt help much with the sewing either.  Painting however, I can do.  So, I have done another drawer and a bit more of the letter rack.

This new journal page, which is from a new 'free' course I am taking with Carolyn Dube found here a fun lady and fun course.  This is just my take on playing with words, her's was of course much more impressive but I had fun doing it.

Also finished this page in my scrappy journal, which had started off in one direction and then I watched a you tube video with Andrea Gomell, sketching along with her and the angel she drew.. again its not identical to her's but very similar.  Due to not just my, but a few of my friends dogs having left for Rainbow Bridge lately I made my angel the carer of the dogs at the bridge, she is called Michele after my late friend who lived for her pets.

So... not a totally wasted day I did manage to recover it well I thought.  Now waiting for my new (to me) car to get here, dinner is in the oven (Its Delia's Beef Curry), so better eat that first then I get to sort out seating in the car for dog space, transfer Alfie's toys to it, music system (priorities!!) and go for a test drive.  Hopefully I will have a better night tonight, and make a bit more progress in the sewing dept, the problem is new designs.. very silly to try when over tired.

Hello and welcome to my new followers Jen and Dawn, thank you so much for joining me.


  1. Any updates? Will you be able to find a decent buyer for your car on Ebay? By the way, what’s your new car? It’s a good thing that you’ve decided to sell your old car and get a new one.

  2. omg, cant believe I didnt update with my new mean machine. I did sell that heap on ebay, infact for almost as much as my new (to me) car.

    My new car is a hyundai Atoz, much smaller, much cheaper to run and nice low road tax. We took out the back seats so it can still get 3 large dogs in the back too.

  3. Just taken a look, I did update with the new car here

  4. Selling your car online, on a reputable site like Ebay, was a great decision! Finding a buyer for it now becomes easier. What's your new car, by the way? Where you able to sell your old car in the first place?

    -Arlyne Nelms @ SpartanToyota

  5. my new (to me) car is on the next blog post here - Its a Hyundai Atoz, and still going well:)