Monday, 18 February 2013

New Bag Design and Painting fun

So, here I am holding my latest bag design, with the handles requested by my retailer.  Alas the design is still not right, looks like I may well be some time here, certainly keeps me on my toes.  This one will no doubt arrive in my Etsy shop at some point, one of the knitting bags will also be there this week at some point, I have edited the photo's just not got around to a listing yet .. still bags a plenty in the shop though

As usual I am more interested in painting and working in the art journal.  Inspired by what I had learnt with Carolyn Dube and using my new stencil I won from the wonderful artist Jessica Sporn, who you can find here I had fun with this mixed media painting, after I had added the papers I thought it looked a bit bird like, so that was the look I went for.

What I have found on Carolyn's course is not only is she a great and fun teacher, her and her students all encourage each other which is a really great feeling.  I have taken a lot of on-line classes and often due to my being one of the quieter ones (and maybe not quite as good as the others) I am usually on my own, if I do post my work or comment its often overlooked which can be quite disheartening.

Today (instead of working like I should have been) I have been enjoying some art journal pages, plenty of paint, ink and glue - Art just makes me Happy!!  I will try devote tomorrow morning to the work thing.

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