Friday, 22 February 2013

First New Card now on Sale

Just a very quick blog post this evening, I managed to mount this design onto a recycled kraft card today, and give it a nice sturdy insert.  This was popular on my flickr group so thought I would see how it went on sale in my etsy shop , it does look quite effective in there.

Only a quick blog post as its my team on Etsy BNR tonight, and also the themed treasury to promote - this one was on knitting, so nothing from me in there, afraid knitting was always rather beyond me, more is the pity, anyway - here it is

I managed not to spend 'too much' money in the craft shop today, got the card blanks (as above) and some paper flowers, brads and some decoupage scissors but that was it, I did very well I thought.

have a good weekend, next blog will probably be after that - if you are in the UK keep warm, going to be a bit chillier than we are used to I believe.


  1. Lovely Lynda, I'm sure it will soon be snapped up by a dog lover.

    Well done on not spending 'too much' money, that was very restrained I think!

  2. Love it lynda - and I was in the Range yesterday, for ages, looking around the arty things lol and spending too much money (birthday money so treated myself) You've got a real distinctive style of painting, it's fab x

  3. Thanks Dawn, not snapped up as yet though alas - but did lead to an order for 20 cards for one person.. that should keep me busy.

    Thanks Julie, I was in the Range at the same time as you it turns out, I stayed away from the art stuff though and was looking at the card making stuff and storage, must be how I missed you.