Thursday, 21 February 2013

About this card making..

Here is yesterdays work, I think they call it 3D Decoupage - Not too bad for a first attempt I thought, though I do need a better pair of scissors for the job.
My Mum is the best card maker EVER, and doesn't read my blog so she had no idea this is what I was doing, when I called there yesterday she presented me with a goody bag of card making things she thought I might use in my art journal.  Of course when I told her I was having another bash at card making she gave me a piece of the decoupage she had claiming I had 'no chance' of doing anything with it but could have a go.

Here is a card I made with some of the papers she gave me.

The template frame I ink sprayed and varnished, adding some sequins.  Next I need to find out which glue to use for those flowers as I have little faith they are actually going to stay put.

Getting so involved with the above and enjoying the process found me spending over 4 hours stood up yesterday, not a good thing for the old back.  So, today I have been organising and clearing some space so I can do the cards sat down in future, I have done a good job but again been on my feet all day doing it, no pain no gain eh?  I now have a place to sit to draw and paint too, that will help as I usually do it standing or sketch in a chair with poor lighting.

With all that, and a few other chores today I have only managed one thing, its another decoupage effort.  I looked at the calender and next month have two anniversaries my parents and Steve's so I have started my first anniversary card.

Having ordered some card blanks I was all ready to go, when I got an email today to say they have 'just' been dispatched, and that is second class!  As I have very little patience to wait tomorrow will find me dashing off to find some card blanks in town, we only have one over priced craft shop but I am forced to visit, must remember to just take enough money for the cards and leave bank card home!  I have a tendency to get carried away in a craft shop, sure I am not alone!


  1. I think you may have proved your mum wrong Lynda! And the little ducks are very cute :)

  2. No not alone...the last craft shop in our town has sadly closed down however this is saving me lots of money! Would you believe but I spend most of the day on my knees at a very low table working...I have found its the best method that I feel 'at one' with what I am doing, but the downside is that I get through lost of trousers by wearing out the knees!

    I wouldn't know where to begin with Decoupage, well done!


  3. Thanks Dawn.

    Mick, you will end up with arthritic knees like mine, you must only be a youngster.

    Only one craft shop, and now only one stationers too as the other two have gone, one of which was 'Staples'.

  4. Wow! You are really wonderful at mixed media cards, etc. Lovely designs. Which Carolyn Dube class are you taking? I have gotten stuck this week and have not done the assignments in "Use Your Words" class since the first one. I had hoped to do the catch-up this weekend, but again an obstacle(obligation) has come up and I may not get to them.

  5. Thank you Gloria. I am doing the 'use your words' class, just on the last assignment now. But no rush, the class and flickr group remain open so you can go at your own pace.