Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Brightest Star in the Sky

Everyone knows I lost my beautiful Tess on December 16th 2012.  Above was the last photo I took of her a couple of days before..  My blog friend Mick of 'Shpangle" http://www.shpangle.co.uk/ makes the most wonderful jewellery from pet hair, so I did remember to take some of her soft fur to send to him and ask him to make me something to remember her by.  The only clue I gave him was that Tess is now the brightest of Stars, the rest was up to him.

Today I received this in the post - my photo's dont really do it justice as not the easiest thing to photograph.  

This is now hanging in our living room, each of the star's has some of Tess's fur inside.  Most people have their dogs back in an urn or casket, my girl has come home as stars!  My hubby Steve says he is not in the least surprised that Tess has something so special.

Not just that though (I wonder if it has a name - Mick?) but I was also lucky enough to receive a pendant to match.

I also now have some of Tess with me around my neck.

I cant begin to tell Mick just how much I appreciate all his hard work and such an appropriate tribute to my dearest girl.  Please do take a look at his website and all the stunning work he does not just as remembrance gifts but all sorts of designs for pet hair, ashes and human too, also intricate work with grains of rice (amazing stuff!).  http://www.shpangle.co.uk/


  1. What a lovely blog post (and I am not just saying that because I am involved) but the emotions really do come across and I really like Steve's comment :)

    Photos are good too. I discovered it is really hard to photograph the mobile (I think that is what it is called).


  2. I still cant stop looking at it, told my pals on the dog walk today and they loved the idea of my new mobile - and my new pendant that they can see.