Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The wooden handle saga - take 2

Well, its better! But not quite there yet.  The idea works okay except my sewing machine is not strong enough to go through so much fabric.  The best bit of course was my first sewing the handles into the lining and having to unpick the lot and start again.  Take 3 should 'really' have been today - However, on Monday the OH arrived home from work early complaining of flu type symptoms, never being one to keep things to himself he has now shared those symptoms with me and I officially now seen to have 'man flu' so actually doing anything at all is a challenge.  I found sewing a button on to be a bit much really, so trying to get my head around wooden handles was an absolute no-no.

I have taken some photo's for this new blog of creativity, made my first carrier bag holder, hunted high and low for the black elastic I 'did' have, ordered more black elastic, and needle threaders as my eyes are struggling a bit.. and thats about it for today I'm afraid.  Although I must confess to not giving in altogether, I am going to do some painting in my art journal after I've fed the dogs - I refuse to be beaten by a few nasty bugs.. now.. were did I put the manuka honey again?


  1. Nasty bugs, wish they would go away (they have been doing the rounds in our family for weeks now) so I do sympathise!

    The handles are much better and that fabric is FAB!


  2. Oh no, sorry to hear your family are still going through it - there are some real nasty ones out there.

    Project Handle is going to have to continue tomorrow. Yes, I am collecting veg fabric for my Manic Organic Stock - there are some lovely fabrics out there.