Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Peg Bag Project

 Whoops, getting into bad habits again! I cant quite remember what happened to Friday.  It did snow but not too much so I got a lot of the chores done by car and just walked to my parents house at lunchtime, though the rain then washed what there was of snow away so I could have gone by car - I think I must have done my favorite thing of procrastination on Friday afternoon as I don't seem to have got anything done.  

Do see above attempt one at the peg bag, this was from an on-line tutorial but as usual when I try to follow instructions I fail miserably!  So after a couple of hours to get that far the best thing by far was to scrap the whole thing and start again.

Which is were this one came in, this was in part with a description from my Mum of how to go about it and a bit of applied logic, however although it does look okay.. its not really too functional as the bottom bit is too low and the pegs would actually fall out.  So, peg bag number 3 is already on the list.

Yesterday (Saturday) I never do much in the way of creation as it is very much a family day of visiting etc.  But I did start preparing my Scrappy Journal with a single hole punch, instead of a drill.. this was NOT one of my better idea's as due to my impatience and determination to get it done I hurt my hand, resulting in an evening of ice packs and husband having to finish off said journal while I did nothing (aside from complain about the swelling and pain I was in).

I am hoping to do the binding tonight so I can photograph that, both for here and my art group with 'Gulfsprite' so I can show off my results of the tutorial (will link to that when I blog).

Today I took my attempts to the Organic Farm shop to show I was not slacking all week, just didn't have anything good enough to put up for sale as yet.  The wooden handle saga went worse than I thought when it was discussed the handles were not right anyway, not just in construction but in entire design - so new handles will have to be sorted out for the design in mind, cant say I am that disappointed as I was not really enjoying working with those, as I still have a few varying sets of wooden handles left, I might (and that is a big MIGHT) knock up some knitting bags for the Etsy shop with them.  All was not lost though as he did keep my latest carrier bag holder and the peg bag to show another retailer who I am 'hoping' to join in the future.

The rest of today has been spent moaning about the cold - my house is so drafty due to the winds its very cold in here, warmer when its snowing! and investigating were I can get some decent milk from, as I only visit the organic farm shop at weekend theirs wont keep - so I have found somewhere to deliver for me, but I got a bit sidetracked and make a nice shopping list for next week to go with the milk, just waiting for Mum's order too and that will be sorted.  'Real' organic milk (not the stuff they sell at Tesco) has cream on top! remember that? and a taste that is how milk was a long time ago, not only is it healthy and free from all 'nasties' it tastes very good in your tea and coffee.  The downside is it does only keep for 3 days once opened, but that is due to the lack of preservatives, so I just buy smaller ones, it will keep the week in the fridge unopened and you can freeze it too if you wish.

Wow, that's a long post for today - must be because it keeps my fingers warm all that typing!  Will try keep up this week, and stop procrastinating and actually get more done.. it does help having a blog to add progress too, so will try keep at it.

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