Sunday, 29 June 2014

Art 101, day 29

Wow, its got to day 29 already.  Cant say I have managed an art work 'every' day, I did have a week off.  But back in the swing of it now - above is the neon coloured paper I showed at the end of yesterday's blog post, amazing as it was it turned into an owl, not something I would usually choose to tackle.  But I had a lot of fun with it and added some collage elements at the end.  Whilst doing this (and some happy mail I forgot to resize) I used up the paint on the on going canvas.. still no idea were this one is going.........
If it doesn't turn into something soon I am going to paint a face on it.  Lastly I took out my sketchbook and had a go at a face from a magazine, choosing something I hoped would look less 'flat' too add more expression too.  I am quite happy with her now, wonder just how badly I can make it go when I add paint though.........
Funny thing is we are struggling with a rather 'rubbish' network connection at the moment, not sure who is at fault yet it needs more tests and OH has been out all day then back at work tomorrow so no idea when it will be fixed.  As frustrating as this is as many before me find less time on the internet is more time doing art and I think better results too? or maybe that is just my good frame of mind at the moment?  Either way I am happy with today's results and hope tomorrow will be as good.


  1. I really like owls. I don't necessarily paint them, but they just really speak to me. I am actually working on an owl crochet blanket! (when I say 'working on' I mean I started this before my second son was born and it is currently unfinished.. lol).

    Love the portrait, she reminds me of a young Madonna

    The ongoing canvas is coming along AMAZINGLY! They are totally my kind of colours.

  2. Thanks Iris. I have since painted the portrait and added a face to the canvas - hope to update soon. Not enough hours in the day though are there? and with small children I dont know how you do so much.