Thursday, 19 June 2014

Its all Work in Progress, but its all FUN.

So, first of all here is my new canvas I began yesterday, just a few layers of paint, spray ink and pattern.  The light has done it no favours.. but here it is today..
This is the cool layers of blue's and greens I used acrylic inks which are nice and bright, think I am in shadow here though, then started with some white ready to do some white and black mark making next.
Also still working on the HUGE one, this is how it looked yesterday..
..and then today added quite a bit of water spray along with the cool colour inks to see how it went.. I can see a few idea's forming here...
Also started a couple of 9" x 7" Acrylic paper pages.. there is no waste paint or ink here!
Notice my colours seem to be getting a lot bolder?

Had a very productive day today, now usually Thursday is not one of the good days - have a lot on in the 'real life' thing and not so much free time, but less time on PC makes for more time in art room, as does salad for tea (again) LOL.
Finally, if blogger will let me.. I have done the first 2 layers in this weeks Lifebook lesson with Effy Wild.. enjoying this one too.
Planning to watch the next video tonight ready for phase 3 tomorrow...

So, there is nothing actually finished as yet but plenty going on and lots of fun being had.  I will be adding my 3rd little painting to my Etsy shop (see right) tomorrow too, I sold yesterday's art postcard along with a bag too so that was a good day.

Better think about feeding the husband soon, good job he does not mind salad and pasta..


  1. I LOVE what is going on here!! The colours, the experimentation. YAY Lynda!!

  2. You have a lot going on. Great to see all the different things. Just wait till all of this is finished that will be great. And I also love Effys lesson. One part a day is so great. Congratulations on your sales. Had a quick look at all those bags you sell (will take a better look soon)

  3. Thanks Iris, a lot of it is due to encouragement from Art101. Thanks Carla too, the bags are all on sale, trying to make room for just art one day..........

  4. I'm so intrigued by the process used for the background. I may have to try it one day! I love all that is going on for you. Congrats on your etsy sales!

  5. Love watching the process Lynda! Great job! Hugs and wishing you a great weekend.

  6. Debbie, its just so much fun and so freeing, each time is different too. Also had 2 more sales today so things picking up, going to list the last of the bag stock soon, photo day tomorrow. Lovely to see you Rasz, you just have to try this style of painting, so much fun.