Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bags in the Garden

At weekend I took out a box full of older stock to photograph out in the lovely weather in a relative's beautiful garden.  I was always taught when selling things should have a plain white background, I used to spend hours in photoshop achieving this, precious time wasted if you ask me.  I like them this way!
The decision has now been made (or at least it was last week) that the bags are the past and my Art is my future.. So, all the bags I made are to be listed in  My Etsy Shop at less than half price so they may find new homes and I will gain more storage space.
Unfortunatly despite having got all the photographs done, and the first two of the bags listed in my shop alongside some of the others already there - the second part of the plan fell apart.  I made the HUGE mistake of visiting this relative in the first place, but worse than that actually discussing my plans - being told 'Well, you are more mental than I thought' has not helped my confidence at all.  I know I should not listen, but the old anxiety returned and I was completely crushed.
Despite having spent the rest of the weekend swapping rooms so I gain a larger studio space, I am yet to pick up a paintbrush or pencil...
Now I 'know' as an artist one of the first things to learn is not to listen to negative feedback, unless it has some form of construction to it and is from someone who knows (like another artist).
I also know that people who cause you so much distress should be avoided at all costs - but what do you do when it is a family member who causes that upset?
Well, I am off to draft list all these bags - there are two already in the shop but the more of the groundwork I do now the better.  Still another few yet to be photographed, but I doubt it will be in the pretty garden this time.  Lets hope my next post is an Arty one!


  1. The bags look really good in an outside natural background Lynda and I hope you sell lots and make way for more of your lovely new artwork!

    Jen x