Monday, 16 June 2014

I did it!

Yes, its just an art postcard, but its now in my Etsy shop - the first of my artworks for sale.  From joining the Art101 group this was the intention and with the encouragement of the wonderful artists in the group I have made a start, you can find my very first item here Etsy Shop Link

My prices are very good as I just want to share my art and would be totally thrilled if anyone loved it enough to want it too.  But be warned, when I am a household name I will of course be adding 'zero's' to those prices.  I cannot sell canvas as yet, as need to raise some funds for proper packaging - I am also starting to reduce all the prices on my bags to 'next to nothing' to make some space in the spare room, and free up the boxes they are kept in.

Here is one of the canvas I made a very layered background on before finishing her off, she just needs some varnish now then she is good to go..
Of course it is that time of year where I cannot do as much art as I would like as the room is just too hot to work in for long, and I am STILL waiting for the work to be done on my ceiling and decorating, now 'meant' to be next week but I wont hold my breath - only waited since February for this..
I know most people in the UK love the warmer weather but afraid I do not, my house is like a small furnace and my 'quiet' morning dog walk isnt so quiet, which is not an easy walk with a difficult dog.  In an ideal world I would either move out to the top of Scotland from June - September or just go live there for good, damn those lottery numbers!

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