Friday, 6 June 2014

Art 101 Inspiration

Its already day 6 on Art 101 and I have kept up very well, every day viewing all the wonderful art works in the group from the other artists is an inspiration and encouragement.

Above is my day 4 contribution. 
Today though I had the biggest inspiration of all (so far) in the form of a blog post by one of the artists 'Iris' from Iris Impressions - you can read all about it here Iris Blog Link after reading the post I rushed off, got out all my dusty inks I have never really used as yet (thank you Dawn) and this is what then happened.
here is a closer look at the canvas I had already painted a few layers and collaged on..
I barely had the time to put on a painting shirt, and certainly no time to remember the barrier cream or get out gloves, so I do look even worse than this now, but had a lot of fun getting there.
You see, what I have been learning is all about 'letting go' and enjoying the process more.   Out of the whole inspirational post of Iris, the best line that spoke to me was this one "ITS OKAY NOT TO KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT".   I think what inspired Iris and a lot of us is the talk on Lifebook by Flora Bowley, how I wish I could afford to take one of her classes - but again, totally inspired by this morning I have rushed off and ordered her book on Amazon, not due for another 5 DAYS!! though, that will be a long wait.  You can read more about Flora Bowley here Flora's Website

After making all that mess above I had to go out, which was good as it all needed to dry.  I came home and added more ink and gesso had a bit more play and ended up with this... just for today..
No idea what they will become yet....... but thats OKAY!!!


  1. Wow Lynda this is GORGEOUS!! I can totally see the freedom and 'letting go-ness' in this. I think you have totally tapped into something new and amazing. And thank you so much for mentioning me and I'm SO SO excited that my post resonated with you in such a big way. YAY for our artful tribe!!

  2. Lynda lovely freedom in these pieces!

  3. Thank you again (LOL, and again) Iris for the awakening. Thank you to Lucy and Debbie too for stopping by x

  4. Fun and beautiful!

  5. This is so wonderful!! Great to read about you conquering your own freedom! So curious to see how this will evolve...