Tuesday, 2 December 2014

100 faces challenge

..and I thought I was all alone in this challenge!  it was pointed out to me in one of my blog posts that there was others doing the same challenge... I found them on instagram.  A great bunch of wonderful artists who set themselves a challenge for one hundred faces.  So I have of course joined in with the instagram posting and found the 'one hundred faces tribe' on a facebook group.
Though I do faces in my journal, and on loose leaf and just about everywhere inbetween my own challenge is to do 100 'Paint Palette Polly's'  I am now up too number 12 - so I am a bit behind the others in the challenge.  But they are teaching me a lot.
You might notice the first faces in my art journal up above are slightly different.  This is me practicing with charcoal and pastels.  Some of the 100 faces tribe do some wonderful art with charcoal, so I dug out my charcoal and chalk pastels too, not quite in their league but then they do paint realism which 'clearly' I do not.
This last 'Polly' here is the usual painted background, but the face was drawn with charcoal and coloured with chalk pastels - made a great change for me.  I have only listed up to number 9 in my Etsy shop and plan to take a break from listing them there in order to take the pressure off and just have more fun with my art.  I have been watching some great video's on youtube by Christy Sobolewski which has led me to dig out the A3 paper and have more fun..
This is a 'work in progress' I am doing - not sure what to do with that lovely background yet, as it is too much for the piece I know, shame to cover it but its just not working.  The girls need finishing off and shading yet too.

Here ends my first post of a new month.  It is now December and here in the UK the weather is turning somewhat chilly, time for the winter duvet tonight as that wind is bitter, might even need the thermals for dog walkies tomorrow.


  1. Oooo of course! Why didn't I think of that? I've seen loads of 100 faces posts on Facebook and never thought about there being a group for that. I'm so glad that you found them and were able to connect! I read back to some of your posts and sorry to read that you've not been getting any replies... I think it's a tough time of year for that.. I know it is for me. I'm not a fan of the holidays, if I'm being honest. It just reminds me that I'm 5000 miles away from my son.. It makes my heart ache. Add on top of that the pressure to find a job ASAP and I'm just about ready to fly the coop. Anyway... the holiday stuff puts me into a mood where I tend to hide off in my room for a month or so. :)

    Do you not have the heating on down there yet? We've been having to run it up here for an hour or two on most days (once the sun goes down).. Really really mild so far this year. We still have plants trying to bloom and grow in the garden. .. and the birds are still confused.. I think the blackbirds are nesting already. They must think it's spring.

    Your Pollys are looking magnificent, as expected! Much love to ya X

  2. Way to go, Lynda! You are never alone...I'm very glad to see you take on such a marvelous challenge. Nothing but great things are on the horizon for you! I will be checking in more often :)