Monday, 4 August 2014

Artsy Blog Hop

Around the world Artsy Blog Hop

Image by Minerva Levinston
Borrowed from Iris Impressions

Today is my first blog hop, so lets hope I get it right – I was asked to join in by Stephanie from Two Raggy Doodles, you might want to read her blog post Here 

How Does My Creative Process work.

Well, there is a question I have never asked myself before, I just get on with it.. well I say that but often spend the entire morning looking at facebook and interacting with my fellow artists, especially those on the Art 101 group who are my favourite people and always an inspiration.  Not only showing our own artworks but also things we have seen around the internet or art books we simply must have to further our techniques. I do have rather a lot (is there such a thing as ‘too’ many?) art books.  But I just love to learn, never in all my 48 years have I loved learning so much, every day can be filled with new idea’s and colour.

When I have an afternoon free though I then try free myself from the computer, and go into my art room – I am very lucky to now have a large room filled with all my supplies and two large desks and a few easels for me to play with.  It is rare I do know what I am going to do in there, I might be feeling not so confident.. in which case I will open up my art journal – as there I can work for me, nobody needs to see what I do, its my free space.  If it’s a better more confident day I will work on a canvas in the hope it might turn into something I am happy enough to put up for sale, or to one side for a local exhibition which is one of my dreams.  At the time of writing I have thought of just working on paper for a while, as often I am really happy with what goes on in the journal but it is there to stay, on paper I could maybe frame my work or add it to my shop.  If/when I ever find out were I might even do some prints.. not quite got around to finding somewhere local to do those yet.

I think my creativity comes from what I see around in life, books or the computer.. I have such a poor memory it depends on what interests me enough to stay there when its time to get the brushes or pencils out.

How does my work differ from others of its genre.

I am not always so sure that it does. With seeing so much of others artwork around I often feel I am still similar to what is around me, and not quite found my own style as yet.  Many learner artists are in the same boat.  It is not something I worry about yet, as a fellow artist says ‘do what you enjoy’ is the most important thing and your style will emerge so that is how I look at it.  My style can change on a daily basis, but that is all part of the fun and enjoyment.  I saw an artist today say how she is not sure how her dream started she was just busy doing what she enjoyed – how wonderful is that? And she is very successful indeed.

What am I working on now.

I have recently developed a total addiction to collage, I am loving it.  Though I say collage this is more collage and mixed media, as I will collage the paper and then paint, or paint and then collage or mix the two, also adding inks and pencils.  I have almost every book on the subject, or on my wish list – I think there are about 4 left I do not own as yet, and I read and absorb everything on the subject each evening.  This is the first face I did, not perfect I know but I just loved the process and have many plans circulating in my head of collage pieces yet to arrive on the canvas or paper.  The whole subject totally fascinates me and I am admiring all the artists who work in this method.  I am attending a big exhibition in a couple of weeks and I know the collage part will interest me the most.

Why do you do what you do.

In short, because I love it.  A day without art is a day I rarely enjoy.  I feel very lucky that I can do this, my only regret is that I did not do it sooner and believed my art teachers who said ‘you are either born an artist or you are not’ followed by how sorry they were that despite my enjoyment I was NOT.  It was then another 30 years before I picked up a pencil – I hope no child is ever told that now.  Each day to look at a blank canvas or page is a delight.  Even waiting for the next exciting art book to arrive in the post is thrilling, the next must have art supply or colour of paint – I feel sorry for those who do not have such joy in their lives, and blessed each day that I do.

Lastly please check out my chosen blog hoppers, Lucy Brydon and Art by Jayde to learn more about them and share their process. 

I met Lucy through the Art 101 group, I have adored her work since I first saw it, and hopefully at our insistence she will soon make video of her process as I find it so fascinating and beautiful.

Jayde I have not known so long, but again admire her work especially her latest collection of a tribute to Klimt which is amazing, her blog is a delight to read too.

Thank you again to Stephanie from Two Raggy Doodles for inviting me to join the blog hop and talk about my art.


  1. Great blog post Lynda! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your art. Well done!

  2. I definitely think you have a style emerging Lynda. I can recognise your faces before I see that you're the one who posted them. I think it has a lot to do with how you do the mouth and you have a great way of doing facial expressions.

    I also encountered an art teacher like that (my teacher when I did I guess what would be called A level art in the UK) and it's taken me nearly 10 years to even begin to quieten those voices. I think it's why it's so important to me to encourage people to do art and to know that it's all about practice. As my art is evolving I'm encountering more often that people say "you're so talented" and it always makes me a bit uncomfortable, because it plays into that mindset again of people who 'have it' or who 'don't have it', as if it's something magical. Maybe some people have aptitude or something, but talent has very little to do with what all of us artists are doing every day, which is: MAKING ART. So yay, yay for making art Lynda! I'm so glad I met you through these various groups.

  3. Thank you Stephanie, and Iris you are like a tonic to me x