Sunday, 24 May 2015

This week on Etsy

I have been adding some art works to my Etsy shop recently.  Trying to develop my new art style comes at a cost, and the dog walking day job is not making enough after the necessary eating thing is out of the way.  Extra paper both professional and practice comes at a cost, and reference books to learn from all mount up too.  I have lots of great comments but little else so far.
I quite liked the above painting, so intend to offer this up as original art work too, alongside the prints.  I only do 5 each of prints as I do so much art and hope to have so much more to offer in the future.
I did have a big downer this week when I made the HUGE mistake of showing a family member my art, should have known better.  I can take critisism and dislike from the public fine, but just a little support from close family I would have thought would be freely given? how wrong I was.  Seems if you do not draw and paint like one of the master's you cannot call yourself an artist.  Luckily I have some good friends, and some great 'Instagram' followers who gave me a lot of support to drag me out of the place I fell into.
After a weekend so far of family, and friends in need I am about to go pick up those pencils and hopefully paints and get started on this weeks wonders.

Thank you if you have read and viewed this far.

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  1. I really love your new art Lynda and wish you much success with your Etsy shop. Your new customers are out there and they just need to find you :-)

    If you create then you are an artist! I can see the difference in the art you create now and how far you've come. Remember when you didn't like drawing faces? I'm so impressed (and a bit jealous I didn't complete the art course I signed up for) and you should be proud. Don't be discouraged, keep creating and keep moving forward :-)

  2. thank you Jen, so kind of you to say and to take the time to comment x