Saturday, 11 January 2014

Loving the Artistic Life

Not sure if it is the influence of the 'Lifebook 2014' course, or just a calmer life right now - but I am having so much fun painting most days.  I am still focusing on angels quite a lot (or fairies) this is another from class one in Lifebook, I enjoyed it so much I had another go.  Tried a different technique on the hair which I am happier with.  Doesnt show up on the photo but there is also a lot of glitter on this, one day I will make a print out of this one and hang it on my wall.
I met some pretty amazing people this week, suffering from varying illness - I think this was still on my mind when I did this journal page..
Today I shared this blog address with my group on Facebook (Lifebook UK) so if anyone is reading 'helloooooooooooooo' and thank you again so much for giving me an even longer list of the art supplies I neeeeeeeeeeed, you are all so kind.
Speaking of which in order to fund these much needed supplies I am in need of the dosh to do so, my Etsy shop still has a BIG sale on, my happy frog bag sold today that will be off to a new home on Monday MY ETSY SHOP

It is also only a week to go to Andrea's new FACEcinating Girls on line course - this is an amazing course to learn how to draw faces, this one also helps to draw 3/4 faces and again includes a set of fabulous stamps to help learn, also has some techniques for shading with markers which is something I am really keen to learn - this superb class can be found here FACEcinating Faces II

Just wish there was more hours in the day, never seems to be enough.


  1. Hi Lynda, came here from facebook-you are so right about hours in the day, Wish I could retire-meanwhile something gotta give, and right now it's housework!!

  2. Hi Pam, thanks for dropping by - housework? back of the pile that one.