Saturday, 25 January 2014

With Marker Pens? thats new to me...

I knew there was a lesson on marker pens coming up on my FACEcinating II class, so alongside my promarkers and spectrum noir's, I purchased a small set of skintone copics too.  Above is my first attempt at an entire picture done all with markers, not perfect I know but I thought not too bad for a first attempt.  The exercise which was fascinating was to do the same picture, one with markers and one with mixed media, so here is the same picture done with mixed media..
I dont think I did the background any favours here, and they say you cannot go 'too far' but I do feel maybe I did.  Never mind it was fun to do.
Still working on the mythical, today using my 'how to' book I had a go at a witch, all makers here too except the background that is watercolour..
I do think I am liking working with marker pens, shame they are so expensive to purchase though.


  1. Your first attempt is fabulous! Such mystery and emotion -- keep it up!!

  2. Thank you Sandy, very kind of you.

  3. I love your paintings, Lynda - and look forward to seeing more! :)

  4. Three great pieces. I especially like the third - it has so much life and movement. All have great faces.