Monday, 15 February 2016

365 faces of 2016. 36 - 41

Seem to have had a real struggle for time this week, found it hard to keep up with the daily practice.  But I have still managed it.  Been working with colour pencil again which I love, my valentine/anniversary gift was a box of 72 artist colour pencils, I love them.
Quite a few graphite faces creeping in due to my lack of time, but it means I can still manage to get one done.
This one was from watching the speed video from Gulfsprite, I loved her piece so much I had to try it on my own before watching the 'actual' instructions.
And then I loved the lesson so much I did it three times, and I am still doing variations of it now.
The pieces are very textured, the camera does not pick this up so well though.
Hoping this week will give me a bit more practice time.

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