Monday, 8 February 2016

Face a Day Challenge - Day 30 - 35

mmmh, Day 30 - I think it is Acrylic paint and pencil on mixed media background.
Day 31 - This one is all coloured pencil, I am really loving this medium, still need a lot of practice but do enjoy.
Day 32 - Another in coloured pencil.
Day 33 - This one is soft pastel, she does look a bit scary first time I have tried black pastel paper, think I need to use lighter colours for this, when I used the fixative it went very dark, lesson learnt.
Day 34 - Colour pencil again, tried a different pose to give more interest.  Used kraft paper to practice on.
Day 35 - Lastly done in my art journal, mixed media background, including collage and face shaded with colour pencil.

Still on track to do my 365 faces this year, days when time is my enemy its just a pencil sketch.  Also do a lot of study on art video's to watch how things are done.  Of course also loving my art course with Gulfsprite 'New Obsession' found on Patreon.

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