Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Face a Day Challenge 60 - 66.

Still having that love with the coloured pencil, and thanks to a recent art lesson with 'Gulfsprite' in watercolour enjoying that too, so much so I have just ordered some 'how to' paint flowers in watercolour to go alongside the faces, inspired by one of the other students in the group.
Above is a mixed media piece from one of the weekly lessons with 'Gulfsprite' Loved this one and enjoyed working with my fave colours.
The girl was all with 'Derwent Coloursoft' pencils (background in watercolour) as I read these were a great pencil to use I had an old set lying around and thought I would have another try with them, yes I am hooked, also bought a small set of 'Derwent Artist' as I have asked for donations for artist pencils for my birthday in a few weeks, I would like a tin of 120 pencils, they are not cheap but look amazing.
Again, all colour pencil and was inspired by a lovely card I bought with art work by 'Jane Winton' a great folk art artist, look up her work its fabulous.
This was me just playing with some of the techniques taught in above art course, I love doing these.
Lastly a 'not so great' pencil drawing, this is what has convinced me I have a lot more to learn to stop my girls being so 'flat' I have taken steps to learn more about shading in the hope to improve.


  1. Hi Lynda! I think all your faces are great! My favorite is the trio with the little one and the dog! I love using my colored pencils too, especially when doing faces. Keep up the great work! Hugs, Rasz

  2. Hi Rasz, lovely to see you. Hope you are keeping well. Thank you for dropping by with encouragement too xx