Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Keeping up with the face challenge 67 - 72

Keeping up a little better this week, for once.  Although not easy when its pencil work.  Above is the first lesson of March with 'Gulfsprite' on her Patreon.  Watercolour and collage.  Enjoyed this, as though I do like watercolour I am not that great with it, enjoyed the practice.
This one was an experiment on my part, really must try it again.  Colour pencil and soft pastel pencils on Mi-tenes paper.
Watercolour and coloured pencil.  This is a medium I do like to play with, all pencil work.
Not my finest hour I know, not quite sure how I went so wrong on this one but I did.  Still, enjoyed the shading practice with watercolour pencils and dry colour pencils.
Must have been a short on time day, so all graphite here, bit of an odd hairstyle but again, all practice.
Finally for this week my Mum's favourite, she thinks I should put this up for sale - trying to explain though it is good for me, still not quite good enough a way to go yet.  All colour pencil, mostly derwent but others used too.

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