Thursday, 31 March 2016

face a day challenge (almost) 74 - 79

I have had to add the 'almost' as although I do art everyday with commitments and the slower medium of colour pencil I am having a bit of a struggle to manage a complete face 'every day' I could give it up but would rather just extend my time, rather than finishing on 31st December 2016 it may well be January or even February 2017, but so what?

I have fallen in love with the coloured pencil, so after all these years of effort I have finally found what I like the best, and still do daily study from various sources to learn all I can about how to perfect the art.
When getting too far behind I break out the watercolour as also enjoying them since they have been the theme for this months 'New Obsessions' class with Gulfsprite.
I have also been using marker pen as a base and to blend with.  Today my odorless paint thinner arrived though which gives me another method of blending to try, who would have thought there was so many ways to use the coloured pencil?
Above is my favourite piece to date.  All colour pencil and at last my faces are beginning to have a bit of shape, as you see I am also trying to add some flowers in the background.
Lastly I used some oil pastel and watercolour on this one so a bit more of a mixed media.  Aside from all the wonderful pencils there are out there on my wish list I still long for more free hours in the day, would love to do this all day and every day.....

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