Friday, 3 May 2013

Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Ok, as promised several posts ago here is my tale of recovery.  It might seem a bit 'off topic' for the creative life, but any crafters or artists out there have probably suffered at one time or another.  I know I have just spent a couple of hours sat in a chair sketching and strained my neck (again) and I know better, and I have my newly purchased drawing board to prevent this.

Anyway... My neck pain begin just over 3 years ago when we adopted our beloved Alfie, as a rescue dog he had not been taught how to walk on the lead and he was a large and very powerful dog.  After a few days of being dragged around I did invest in a head collar, but the damage had already started, that along with some rather severe training that was needed as the 'big guy' had no manners either, and was starting with aggression toward other dogs, so a lot of 'control' was needed.  This resulted in 8 weeks at physio trying to fix my shoulder.

It did get better, but only to return a couple of years later.  After pain killers had no effect, neither did incorrect exercise the only temporary relief I had was the use of 'wheat bags' I often had 5 or 6 a day to lesson the pain.  This went on for over a year........

A few weeks back I realised this was affecting my life and something 'HAD' to be done.  So... I did what is not recommended and I 'googled' this did lead me to a website on neck and shoulder pain (which I now cannot find) that diagnosed my problem as a trapped nerve, I had begun to suspect this to be the case.  But what of the cure??

First off was recommended a book, yes... a book......  Not any book, but for me and many like me the book of miracles.  The book is by a genius called 'Robert McKenzie' and you can find it here

Now, that did help a lot.. though I am not that good at instructions but the first lot of exercise he recommended gave me some instant relief.  I then read about another device he recommended called the cervical roll, to pop into your pillow to support your neck whilst you sleep.  To tell the truth I was not 'that' convinced, but when in so much pain willing to try anything.  You can take a look or purchase one here

Did it work? well, I have not used a wheat bag in five days.  For the first time in over a year.  Yes, it has worked for me.  Of course it does depend on what your problem is, mine was trapped nerves caused by neck strain, so the exercises and advice worked, and the neck support is fantastic.

I do still have to check myself, as earlier.. I know all to well NOT to sit in a chair and sketch, but I still did it - as I know with my super neck support I will be pain free again by morning.

Sadly I am not on the payroll of this book or product - just sharing my own experience on what worked for me.  There are no guarentees it will work for you, my husband couldnt stand the cervical roll at all, so it was no help for him - off shopping for a duck down pillow for him.


  1. ouch! I feel your pain as I don't have a cutting desk so use the mat on the floor, all hunched over and cutting fabric is not recommended.

    I've found the use of a rumble roller has been the best thing for me though, I did try special pillows but to no relief.


  2. must look up rumble roller, sounds interesting.

    After a full five days my neck pain came back, so been shopping for new pillow now - and one for OH as he had a bad neck too. Might be an idea if I finish of reading the book of exercise too, I am at a loss on what is causing mine, it came back on a day off so I wasnt drawing, painting or at PC so no idea.

  3. Well I've gone and done my neck a cropper now :( I might have to find your book and read it. Woke up, turned head and a surge of pain, heat and ouch ensued.

    Hope yours is starting to feel a bit better x

  4. If its that bad Kerri, think you should see a doctor first - that is recommended in the book too. Take care x