Thursday, 23 May 2013

Painting over faces

Part of my wonderful 'Facecinating Faces' course was learning to paint over a magazine image, this is to help learn about features, shading etc.  Last time I tried this it really was a disaster, but this time much better.
First off I made a background on my journal page..

Which I then added some paints, stamps and stencilling too - then added my magazine image..
then, I painted over her and changed some of the colours..

The idea is that she no longer looks like the image used.  She has a painterly look now, which was a lot of fun to do.

If you read my last post about gundogs, you will know how much we need another Labrador in our house.  Well, I have been to see one today - he is totally adorable, he is currently at our local RSPCA shelter awaiting a new home.  A yellow boy, 16 months old - and does hugs.  Our only problem could be misery guts the Lurcher who might not be too thrilled with him, we are too take him tomorrow and see how they get along, and I have a homecheck to pass too! no probs there as this house has always been dedicated to dogs, and as I am at home painting most of the time, when I am not dog walking or caring for parents (were I can take the dogs) all should be well.

Not a brill picture as he has a lot of energy with being in kennels - but this is him, and we are really hoping he will be with us soon..


  1. Good luck with your new labbie, Lynda. I have 3 and oh how I love them. BTW, see that you are also a member at Milliande. You need to jump in an join in a swap. Many of us are just beginners. I've signed up for the FACEcinatinggirls class, but have not yet had a chance to do anything. Look forward to getting the stamps and getting my feet wet. I love what you did with the magazine image. I must try that sometime.
    Kind thoughts to you and maybe our paths will cross in a swap sometime!

  2. Many thanks - nice to see a fellow Labrador person and artist.

    Yes, he will be with us very soon!