Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Competition Entry for Gulfsprite Class

You may have already seen my mentioning my fabulous class '30 pages in 90 days' I am taking with Christy Sobolewski at above is my latest page finished just yesterday, we are now on page 20 - all the students in the class are finding this sad, as we are getting closer to day 30 and we have loved our daily lessons so much we dont want them to end.
I cannot tell you just how much I have learnt about art journal process and mixed media in this class - every day has been a new technique and new process to learn.  Each page we do takes 3 lessons, and sometimes there is even a bonus page included.
You too can take this class, but not until June 1st when it opens again - you will not be alone as most of us will miss it so much we intend to start all over again so we will enjoy your company, and I'm sure Christy will be there too to lend further encouragement.
One of the other great things about this class is the teaching itself, fun and fresh and gives such a wonderful light approach, though at the same time professional - Christy has a superb knack of spreading her cheery self to others and making us all feel great for the day, whilst thoroughly enjoying each class.  This class could not have arrived at a better time for me, as many of you know it was at a time of great sadness for me, and helped to take me through those times and keep me focused.  It can be found here
Last but not least.  By joining this site you can even take FREE classes to enable you to see how you enjoy the teachings. Above is the Scrapy Journal I made at the FREE class offered by Christy, there are others too.  If Art Journal is not your thing there are other courses on painting faces, which is another class I do (when I can find some time) this too can teach a lot about how to paint faces using mixed media, though unlike me I would recommend you take class I first!  Thats the one I want, along with all the rest on offer.
This blog post is my entry to Christy's giveaway, in which I could win another of her fabulous classes - how cool is that? I could take the painted faces I class, or the other journal classes ... how on earth would I choose?


  1. Oh I loved reading your thoughts and getting to see your newest page [I haven't been to the classroom yet this morning]. I am going to miss everyone also so I am excited to know some of you will do it all over again. This time around I plan to play along with you :)

  2. Great, the end is not so bad now:) thanks for commenting Christy.