Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Whats on the drawing board

Now I have my own rather large drawing board I really can say it now.  I started off with a couple of practice faces, one better than the other but both totally different.

BUT.. you need to watch closely for improvement as tomorrow I start the course with Andrea Gomoll called FACEcinating faces - I have been really excited about this for a month now, just hoping the silly router of ours stays up.  You can find further information about the course and Andrea on her website here http://andrea-gomoll.de/ 

I have lots of fun doing this.  I also enjoyed the sunshine in my new room (and the heating) but today its too cold in there to do so much, I have the door open to keep the silly router cool and its working much better today, which is great for being on PC and doing this, but too cold to go paint in my new room till dark.  OH has just emailed me back and he is having a think, though seems he wont go with my idea to put it in the fridge then.


  1. Lovely paintings - especially loving the purple curly hair - great effect x

  2. Thanks Julie, not quite as realistic as your art (by a long way). If I dont learn noses better on my course with Andrea, think you may need to give me some lessons.