Monday, 29 April 2013

My Very Own Space - Art Room/Studio

Its all done, and its 'AMAZING' I love it.  The glare on the left is the patio doors that give out rather a lot of light, there is also another window opposite it.  Here is one side of my room, this is my sewing desk really, to the right is a big gap that is for all the canvas's I have to paint on, they are currently living on my landing.  Also is a couple of easel's.  Infront is my best buy, a large A1 size drawing board, also used for painting and journal pages etc.  Today I took delivery of more plastic drawers that sit under my desk for paints, I can slide it out and use the top for pallets.

Here is the other side, note the chest of drawers I was 'meant' to be painting to sell - a wise man here did mention I would need to gloss outdoors, so its still not finished, and I was going to sell it, its now housing paper and journals, so looks like its here to stay - when we get some fine weather and no wind I will take it outside and paint the outside black, varnish the drawers and add the new handles, it should look good then.  My wicker chair was in my old sewing room piled high with fabrics, now its just awaiting a cushion and there for me to sit in the sun.  Drawers on top with card making things inside.  The hairspray is for setting charcoal etc.

I have done some art work today, I think I am improving with my lovely new room.  Also to be starting a new art course on Wednesday I hope to tell you all about.. I say hope as we are experiencing mega line problems here at the moment, BT reckon its our router so we need to wait for a new one that 'hopefully' will be here by Wednesday, but last time took longer, so the internet is very difficult for us right now, we have the line up for 5 mins at a time.... not good for watching art videos.


  1. Its so lovely having everything in one place. I haven't ventured out of my craft room much as its the warmest room in the house when the sun is shining. Enjoy your space it looks lovely

  2. Thank you Liz. All was going well, but it seems the router (which is in my room) was objecting to the heat, so I have the door open today and its freezing in there, which is a shame as the sun is shining and it looks great. Need a router re-think and soon.

  3. Looks great Lynda, fantastic to have a lovely, sunny room to do art and crafts. Hope you get your router sorted x

  4. Thanks Julie, it is. Router is causing no end of grief though - Steve has a plan to sort it, but will be a few days yet.