Sunday, 28 April 2013

My wish to have my own space

Here we have a definition of CHAOS.  This is what WAS his office, and about to become my art room/studio.  Seen here in picture it contains half of 'his' stuff and 'some' of mine.
This took us a week to get this far, and the picture was taken on Friday evening after spending a good part of the day furniture removing, we continued till around 9pm, when state of collapse stopped play.

Here it is with most of my art/card making and furniture - hopefully you can tell though just how bright this room is, thats the bit I love.  Ideal for art.  I also purchased a draftsman's board last week, as part of my neck pain was caused by bending over sketch work.

Will I finish this soon?

Not done any art at all for a couple of days as weekends also involve other family commitments, I am now 2 days behind in my art course work, and due to start a new course on Wednesday alongside, this one is to teach me about shading so should be a good one.  Also toying with another I have seen, but going to wait till June for that.

I am now on a quest for a set of drawers for under my art desk for paints, and that can pull out so I can use the top - not such a tall order, but I am having a devil of a job finding some.

Been very excited all week about this and soon be there, my very own space in which to create...


  1. I would give anything for a room dedicated to my art and I wish you all the best with this!

  2. I am now jealous that you have an entire room for your artwork. I'm hoping when the other half finishes university that I can steal the spare bedroom and have it as my sewing room, that would be amazing.

    Looking forward to seeing it all finished.
    - Fabridashery

  3. Thanks Kerri, part 2 coming up now (hopefully) having HUGE line problems, BT reckon we need a new router, so that should be with us by end of the week, till then I am struggling with a line thats up for about 5 mins then down for 2 or 3 mins.. so far....

  4. Fantastic Lynda, how lovely to have your own dedicated art space. Look forward to seeing the finished room :)