Monday, 8 April 2013

New Art Journal

Its new Art Journal Day!  My last A5 one has lasted for six months, cant say they have been the happiest of times so glad to finish and start a new.  I have however enjoyed watching my progress from October last year to now - should really have taken a pic of my last page in the old one last night.  For my new art journal I have decorated the front with just collage papers which I am happy with.
I began my first page in a similar fashion, and was a bit stuck on how to start as I wanted a good page to look at for my new beginning, so after the collage I came back to my pc and read some blogs and youtube of some of my favourite artists.  For the collage work I have always loved the designs by  Sandra, so fancied having a bash at her style, its great fun..I am nowhere near as good as her yet but still enjoyed the page, you can find Sandra on her blog here, her latest post also gives a link to her you tube chanel  the rest of my inspiration came from Jessica Sporn who's work I adore, her stencils are pretty cool too, you can see more of Jessica here and here is my page.

Over the weekend I also splashed out on some new pencils, I did not pay anywhere near full price for them I won them on ebay, they are caran d'ache watercolor pencils and are totally amazing.  I was so excited that they had arrived I had to have a quick try of them earlier .....
Yes, I like them!! Need more practice of course as sure they will blend better.  Still hoping to get some faber castell ones too in time.  Its my birthday this week so fingers crossed.  

I am still totally loving my art journal course with Christy, on page 12 now so soon be half way - we are all having such a super time on the course we dont want it to end.  Having said that I have also signed up to Andrea Gomell, who is another fab mixed media artist, that one starts on May 1st so not sure how I am going to have time to do both but you dont need to rush, both courses can be done at your own pace.

I was 'meant' to be babbling on about my new cards in my Etsy shop today - can do that next time, I did actually manage to list a new one today and make a whole set for this week, so will show you those too.

Hope you are all enjoying doing what makes you happy - very important.

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