Thursday, 4 April 2013

Still having collage fun

I think 'Christy' on the 30 pages in 90 days course, just might have created a monster here.  I am having a lot of collage fun and learning a lot about my art in the process.  Not only have I become a collage junkie, I have also discovered a hidden love for coloured pencils.  Looking over my art journal, which is nearly done now after 6 months I have found all the coloured pencil work to be the better art works.  I love painting, but it really does not seem to have the same fondness for me.

I did a lot of research yesterday and found that there is far more to coloured pencil art than I believed.  For a start to do better 'the better the pencil' there is such a thing as an 'artist grade pencil' of which my bestest pal Julie is still working out the lottery numbers so she can purchase us a set each of 'Caran d'ache' you dont want to know how much they cost!!! 
Realistically though, I am hoping for some Faber Castell polychromos for my birthday, or at least some cash towards them.

Meanwhile if you have a few spare coppers you might like to take a look at my shop on Etsy  with cards, bags, scarves etc which I really need to sell some of to keep me in coloured pencil's and paper.

Speaking of which, I have made 2 new cards this week.. not taken proper pics yet, or listed them in said shop but I did make them, alongside some family birthday cards I needed to sort.

Also have some 'work in progress' of sets of cards to go into the Etsy shop - they are not finished yet, but hopefully will give me an extra push to get them listed in the shop.  All this to help in the grand plan of having something with my own artwork on cards and for sale in time.. but neeeeeeeeeeed pencils for that LOL, and the usual more hours in the day of course.

But first, most important part of day - its coffee time!!!

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