Saturday, 25 May 2013

Introducing Custer

Here he is - our new rescue boy Custer (we were not keen on Buster) has now been with us about 28 hours.  What an eventful time it has been too!
Poor boy is 16 months old, he has had no training at all - not even lead training, and is a big puppy.. infact he is a VERY big, strong PUPPY.

It will be a long road ahead, as not only is he a big puppy, but he is the most stubborn dog we have EVER owned.  Not surprising in his short life he has already had 3 homes, we are his fourth.  He has also had 3 names, none of which he seemed to know, his first puppy name was Custard, so I thought Custer was close enough and OH refused to shout 'Custard' across the park. Although it will be some time before he is off lead to do any shouting, as he needs some level of control first, which there is none at the moment.  Aside from the halti we purchased to stop anyone else ending up on the  floor whilst trying to walk him.

This was him this morning helping me to do the hoovering..

It really is such a crying shame people ruin these beautiful dogs so badly and dump them in rescue centres for someone else to have to pick up the pieces of the damage they have done to the dog, through either cruelty or lack of training and boundries.  This poor boy hasnt got a clue what his role in life should be, landing in his fourth home too.
But he is adorable when he is asleep look!  This was after this mornings lead battle when he spent over an hour glued to the spot before I had to go get him in the car.
This evenings walk with the halti was a much bigger success, and he is enjoying some grooming time. Learning some gentle boundries.. its going to be a very long learning curve for us all, but hopefully Custer will learn to be a relaxed dog and that he is loved in time.

If you wish to follow Custer's future journey you will find it here

As this blog is for my creative stuff, once I get some time to get back to it.  Just now though Custer is a bit of a full time job, so the art may well have to take a back seat for a short while.


  1. Well done for taking him on. Welcome to your forever home Custer

  2. He is lovely, and it is admirable that you are so devoted to training him properly. We have a rescue cat that had several homes. He fits in fine here. Too many people let their dogs (not to mention kids) run riot and then complain when they behave badly...

  3. Aww he looks like a bundle of fun - and he's a very lucky dog as he couldn't have gone to a better home x

  4. thanks both, sorry not had time to pop back here been busy with Custer's blog and the fund raising weekend. Hope to update this blog too this week, still doing my painted faces and signed up for Andrea Gomoll's new course, starting soon.