Sunday, 9 June 2013

Its still about those faces

Although I have had a very long break, due to the arrival of 'Custer' (see below post) I am still trying to keep up with my faces course.  I have discovered though the 'Practice' thing is very true!  I felt I was doing quite well with them..
..and then, with Custers arrival, and the fund raiser we did I lost about 6 or 7 days without the time to even pick up a pencil, I really missed this - and did get very frustrated, but not only that I then went back weeks with my faces, they just got worse again - after all that hard work and practice.  So I am now trying to do 'something' each day, even if it is just a ball point sketch.  I have also started Andrea's new course for Faces, details here but the first exercise was a collage piece which was then gesso covered, so its still drying out, probably will not be ready until tomorrow.  I have been finishing off a few backgrounds and drawing some more..
After evening dog walkies (a new thing, with the new dog - so even less time) I hope to watch another of Andrea's videos at least, I love to watch them,. they are always so inspiring.
Hopefully things will settle down in the household soon and I can do more drawing and painting.  Also, the weather has turned very warm and despite my lovely art room being light and having a door to open, it does still get too warm to be in their so long just now.  I know people hate those of us  who complain about the warm, sunny weather but my house is not friendly towards it at all, and just keeps on heating up and up.  I dont sleep either as its too hot in our room, even with windows, doors open and two fans.  So, sorry to you sun worshipers but I will be happier on Tuesday when the weather returns to what we in the UK are more used too.


  1. Wow you're abusy Bee :) Love all the Faces and it's true - try to sneak in a little art each & every day to stay in the flow - even if it's just a small sketch with pencil or a doodle on a sheet of paper - it really helps - I always sketch faces and practice while on the phone ;) Can't see your next pieces of work ... keep going!!!

  2. Thanks Andrea, love your courses. Will try remember that one, do spend plenty of time on the phone too x