Monday, 10 June 2013

Discovering oil pastels

This is my attempt at the first exercise in Andrea's new 'Facecinating Girls Summer Add Ons' course. The face and hair was to be done all with oil pastel.  I never really knew what I was doing with this medium before, but now I am hooked.  So much so, from this picture and the one below - which are with simple  'pental' pastels (the cheapest you can get) I have now ordered some new better quality ones, and cant wait for them to arrive.
I did the background for the above yesterday, and the face today.  Just to be sure it wasn't a complete fluke I had another go at a face, of course I do still need a lot of hair practice... or a lot of practice in general, but I am finding the shading and effects far more to my tastes than other medium I have used.
Too much leaning over desk however has played havoc with my neck again, so have to break now - tomorrow will use the drawing board.
Just need a windfall now so I could afford the ultimate in oil pastels - a bit on the pricey side those though. one day..............

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