Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Finishing things

I am trying to drag myself away from my new love of the oil pastel and get things finished.  I started the background to this Butterfly Girl Canvas some time ago, its the second from a lesson from Andrea Gomoll's latest course for Summer Girls, you can find more details here  This is only the second canvas I have done, the other one was in my last post of the sun.

Yesterday I also thought I would have a change from the pastels I use watercolour pencil, neo II watercolour crayons and gelato's, to create this one..
She is ok, but the hair was a disaster, so I added a little hair band for her - seems the use of the pastels is teaching me much more about shading.

After creating a very busy background and an acrylic paint face - today I finished off this one, back to my loved oil pastels, she is pretty good for me, but I found there actually IS such a thing as too much mixed media, afraid I over worked her so the background started to object somewhat....
you can see better in the close up below.  Shame as I quite liked her, might try another on the Mi-Tientes paper which does do a better job.
I do feel I am 'finally' starting to improve.  Very true what all my on-line tutors taught, it is all about practice.  From my first on line tutor, Shoo Rayner who is always telling us 'Practice, Practice, Practice', my next one was 'Effy Wilde' who I remember being in total awe of when I started her classes and she would often say it took 2 years of drawing faces every day to be as good as her, well I have done about 18 months now, most days - its been tough, but I think now well worth it to one day achieve my goal.
Currently I study with Andrea Gomoll and Gulfsprite (link on right of page) both of whom are also always telling us its all down to PRACTICE, I think I get that now.

So, today's message is one I have used before... "If you want to do something - DO IT" life is far too short not too, and you can do anything if you try, just might take a while to learn.

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